Should I go in to the hospital or until appointment on Thursday,



So on the 19th of September at 11am I lost my Mucas Plug.

It was a Stringy like mucas but alot all over my underwear.

It was White with a Yellow tint that looked ALOT like Snot followed by mild cramps.

Ive been having Braxton Hix off and on since then and the feeling of my Cervix stretching more and more as the day goes on.

It feels exactly like it did with my first son a year ago.

And during sex it feels like as if im getting stabbed or the feeling you get when you have a bad cut and something gets inside😕

I should be due on the 14th of October but the ultrasounds says the 28th of October. ..

But according to my last normal period it's September, 28th.