any funny/awkward/serious etc virginity losing stories?

Mine is probably the funniest virginity losing story ever. I was 15. We were at his house and his parents weren't supposed to be home for like 4 hours and so he asked me if I wanted to and well yeah. So we're doing it and all the sudden behind the curtains (his room is on the 3rd floor) I see headlights pull into the driveway so we're freaking out trying to figure out what to do. All I have on is a bra so we're trying to grab all my stuff including school stuff I had brought over and I'm tripping over myself naked running down the stairs and it was so embarrassing. Also my vagina was hurting like a bitch so you can imagine how running was going. So he runs me down 2 huge sets of stairs to the first floor and tells me to sit in the storage closet and try to put my clothes on as quietly as possible so they don't hear and when he texts me to run out the first floor back door and around the house. Let me say also that I was wearing legging that day and it was really hard to put those on while sitting cause the storage room was small and I had to be on the stairs and at one point his parents Coke downstairs saying they're gonna watch a movie like right there outside the storage room and he had to argue his way into saying he wanted to watch something down there. So I put on my clothes and leave the storage room and kinda fail when I'm leaving the cause the heavy door slams behind me and the whole house is fucking shaking so I freeze for a minute scared out of my mind and then book it out the front door as quietly as possible. I should also remind you it's the middle of winter so I had to freeze my ass off outside waiting for him. He met me outside and would not stop apologizing. But basically that's how I lost my virginity and he wouldn't stop calling me Ann Frank for hiding in the basement (sorry I know it's really awful but we thought it was kinda funny)