back sleeping!

I know I'll get so much judgment on this post, but that's just fine. My 6 week baby boy refuses to sleep on his back. As soon as I put him down he's up, I try waiting until he's in a deep sleep, I've also tried putting him down while he's awake so he put himself out, doesn't happen that way.  He wakes up EVERYTIME in the matter of seconds. They say keep trying and they'll get used to it, it's been 3 weeks. I don't know why at 3 weeks old it became and issue for him. So during the day when I'm up I let him sleep on his tummy, I check him like crazy because it scares the hell out of me. He's such a happier baby, debating if I should let him at night as well, his crib is pretty much right beside my bed, I wake up to every noise he makes, his head is so strong, I hardly have to help him to hold it up. I'd also be setting an alarm to check on him VERY often. I just wanna know what some women of here do? Do you let their babies sleep on their timmies? Tell me your stories!!! I know there's going to be so much judgment, but I just want some peace of mind.