I had heavy bright red bleeding and cramps last night. So I went to the er. They did a Pap smear and said my cervix was closed but that's where the bleeding was coming from (no big clots and it stopped last night). Then they did bloodwork and my hcg was 2400 and then an ultrasound. The tech did an abdominal one and then asked me to empty my bladder so she could do a vaginal ultrasound. She wanted to get a look at the heartbeat. But the dr wrote something wrong in my chart so while I was in the bathroom she called him. He told her not to do the vaginal one he had all the info he needed. So when she brought me back to the er and he came in the room and said there was only a gestational and yolk sac. I go back tomorrow for bloodwork to see if it doubled and an ultrasound with ob. Does anyone have any experience with this happening and having a good outcome? Trying not to stress but it's hard. I got a positive home test 4 weeks ago so shouldn't there be a baby by now?