SO rant

Stephanie • My names Stephanie, I`m 25, a wife and mom to two kids, and expecting #3!
I hate to talk bad about my fiancé but I'm starting to lose my mind and need some advice. Everything between my fiancé and I was great up until we had our baby and moved into our own place four months ago.  
Now it just seems like nothing I do is good enough. His dad is just a sexist man who has his wife stay home and basically play maid and does whatever he says. My fiancé owns his own company and works with his dad so his dad puts ideas in his head all the time. Then he sees his parents house spotless, all chores done, and breakfast and dinner made every day. 
He wants me to be a SAHM yet constantly holds himself above me because I have no job. I clean the house basically every day but it magically gets messy because I won't clean up after him. (Sure some of my things are left out but I clean up after those two and it's far less than his.) That's when he calls me a lazy pig and yells at me, threatens to kick me out etc. I swear he says everything he can to hurt my feelings.
 I know he's super exhausted from work and sometimes he apologizes but I feel like i just keep using that excuse. I'm by no means perfect so I hate to complain. B
My house is clean. It may be a bit messy with a dog and a baby but it's by no means dirty. How can I better deal with this and talk to him? Do I stick up for myself or am I wrong and just totally bad at this and should have everything done and spotless?