On the 13th was any other day, I had a doctor's appointment. At 37 weeks pregnant I always be happy to hear that strong heartbeat he always had. I couldn't make the morning appointment so I had to make another appointment for 3:40. Appointment was going good until it was time for them to listen to his heartbeat. So the nurse said I'm sorry I can't find his heartbeat and came back with another nurse and she to checked and couldn't find it. It felt like my heart was breaking in a million pieces. So I was brought to labor and delivery for a ultrasound to see if he was in a position that wasn't picking up the heartbeat. That wasn't the case, there was my baby on the screen not moving or no activity of his heartbeat. I broke down into tears. What was even worse was that I still had to deliver him. That hurted my feelings bad,couldn't stop crying. I had my son Ja'Cardi Jaheem Bankston on Wednesday September 14th at 1:29 in the morning weighting 5 pounds 11.2 Oz and 18 1/2 in of cuteness, he was fully developed. Worse day of my life all, they handed him to me and all I could do was cry. At my last appointment just a week ago he was moving and had a heartbeat and the next week he was gone. I sound give my all to have my baby back, I don't wish this feeling on nobody. Yesterday was his funeral and I will never ever forget him. I love and miss him do much, my guardian angel