Baby Mama Drama

Yesterday I decided to go spend time with my SO at his home since we were both off. It was spur of the moment and I told him was coming an hour b4 I actually arrived. About 5 minutes after I get there he tells me his sons mother is coming over to see their son. Now from what I understood they don't have much contact so I thought that was odd right away. So I didn't say anything bc that is his mom and she has a right to see her son.

She walks in and I was laying sideways on the sofa. Didn't notice she was there. Then she says oh my bad when she realized I was there bc he apparently didn't tell her I was going to be there. We have never met but know of each other. It got awkward quickly because 1 he didn't bother to introduce us so we had to introduce ourselves. After that she walked straight back to his bedroom and he went back also. At this point... after no introduction and then going to his bedroom I'm sitting there shaking I'm so pissed. So I texted his phone and told him I was leaving bc the whole situation just felt so disrespectful. He doesn't see the issue and says I'm crazy. I ask if this is something she does all the time and basically yes it is. I just didn't kno. We've been togther for 9 mos... wtf am I crazy for feeling disrespected and being suspicious now? He says it won't happen again and he's just not the type who introduces ppl? I've been wondering how I should handle it.

**I took 15 minutes to myself and then came back and we discussed it...but I'm still bothered after the fact**

**Also I'm pregnant with his child so backing out is not an option at this point... but working it out always is... yall always want somebody to leave their situation... I didn't get in a relationship just to throw it away... hence asking for ways to handle it... not walk away over 1 dispute**