cant stand boyfriends choices

I understand 100% that it is his life and he needs to make his own decisions. I have tried and still am to accept his choices for where he lives, his friends, how much he drinks ect just all his choices in that sense dont align with my personal beliefs/morals. We have been dating  over a year and we are in college. He lives at a party house and will next year too. All his bad choices stem from living in this environment. What am i to do? I am trying to not let it bother me but it is so hard to brush off his choices. If i knew what i know now i would have never been interested in dating him. When we met he was well mannered, shy, and very smart(common sense). I felt safe and trusted him. Within the last year idk what happened but he lost all of this. What am i to do? I know its lame to break uo due to this reason i just dont know how much more i can take. We use to be on the same maturity level but now i feel he is extremely immature and childish.