Baby girl arrived 2 weeks early.

Breanna • Happily married to my highschool sweathrarr.Mother to a 2 year old amazing little boy named Alexander. Expecting our little girl on October 13, 2016
Thursday September 29th i went in for normal OB checkup. Mentioned to my dr some concerns i had (headache,dizziness) he checked my Bp and thought it was higher than normal. So he sent me to labor in delivery tobrun test and check bp. Well he was supposed to check my cervix but decided hell do it oct 4th. I came in l&d about 430 pm. Ran test came back ok my bp was ok. So i thought i was ready to get ready to head home. Well nurse asks me if i was contracting i said i dont think so but the past two days ive been having cramps there not consistent so i dont think they are contractions. She asked if i felt them now i said yes so she decided to check cervix. Little did i know i was dilated 3cm .. She called my ob and he said admit me at midnight and give me pitocin. I was in shock i never would have thought i was in labor. Long story short at 645 i was dilated 7 and still no water broken by 7 am i was 10 cm dr broke my water at 745 started to feel the urge to push at 750 and 3 pushes later Delilah Rose was born at 754am weighing 5lb 15 oz 19 in long. No tears no stitches needed fasted delivery.. Sorrt fot the long story thought id share mine