Ladies please if you have someone your dating in love with just having casual sex with whatever you want to call it please pay attention to their actions im telling you from experience....
The guy I was dealing with drew me a fairy tale and boy was it a nice one we was only talking for a short amount of time and id met his mom grandma sibling nieces and nephew only person i hadnt met was his dad and oh yea his children which he lied about 
We weren't together but was just messing around having fun until boom i ended up pregnant my first child so iwas so in love I told him and thats when the truth started coming out he actually had 6 kids instead of 2 he was still dealing with his bm which he had 3 of and was pretending to not know me at all told me he had enough kids hurt wasnt the emotion idnt know how to describe the pain 
But like a woman I pulled myself together and continued with my pregnancy he disappeared only to come back when i was 4 months apologizing asked to go to an appointment so me being forgiving I allowed it and that was my last time seeing him he only went to make sure I was really pregnant....
Im at the point of being okay now was depressed and upset with myself because my baby will not know her siblings or the guy that is supposed to be her father but even more so hurt that I didnt enjoy my pregnancy at all didnt have anyone to dry my tears no one sitting with me at appts or ers when i had to be there no one for back and stomach rubs bought everything my baby needed myself no sweet text or anything to make me feel okay and get me through its been rough and I have less then 3 weeks to go and ill be alone delivering my baby and its a very scary feeling so please be careful and if you have support appreciate them let them know I dont want anyone going through what im going through