Would you stay?

My boyfriends friend came into town, so did his family. And he decided to go out and drink with his friend for a few hours now and he left me here to "entertain" his family. Would you guys be upset? Mind me tell you my boyfriend never takes me out because he says I'm underage. I'm 20 and he's 23. He says that I can't go with him, and he prefers it that way. That way he doesn't always have me tagging along all the time. Before they went out we all went out to eat dinner and the entire time he didn't even talk to me. We were at a buffet and he was with his friend or family and I was just walking around waiting for him to turn my way. Even at the table he didn't even talk to me or asked me if I was okay and his family stared at me like a laughingstock. I really just wanted to get out, and when he came back I went to go walk the dog we are babysitting and he let me go alone to come back to his family telling me I can't go out at night. And then he turns over and says he's going out. Sorry this post is all over the place but I'm just really upset right now.