it's true when they say.... πŸŽˆπŸ˜•

You never forget your first love. From time to time I think about him or miss him deeply. He lives in Germany and I'm here in Florida. I mean we were young and he had to go back to his home to finish flight school. It's been years I haven't talked to him. I mean after he left we stayed together for 4 months before breaking up ... then he started to talk to someone else. I mean I was crushed and angry at the same time. Because I still care about him deeply. But he doesn't talk to me because his gf doesn't want him too. I know I can't be with him but I at least wanted to keep him as a friend. But I guess he didn't want that ... blocking me from his Instagram and he didn't block me from his Facebook. He just put it so I couldn't add him. Idk if it was his idea or hers. I just sometimes miss him deeply and wish I could talk to him sometimes. I mean I've moved on... but it's true. You never forget your first love.Β