I had my little man 💙

My little man arrived on 1st October at 9.24am ❤️ I am so in love... 
38 weeks + 3
Weighing 6lb 15.5oz
                       💙 Danny Jax 💙
Due to decreased movements over the last two weeks and myself being poorly I was in hospital on the Thursday morning to start the induction process. At 4pm they inserted a 24 hour propess pessary which apparently is a slow and more natural way to try and go into labour first. I was 2cm dilated already so I was hoping I had a good chance it would start quickly.  
24 Hours went by sitting in the hospital bed not a lot going on. Friday afternoon I was told I should be going up to the delivery suite to have my waters broken but it was a case of waiting until they had a room spare up there. Very busy. 11pm came and still no movement to go upstairs but the CTG showed I was having regular contractions which I didn't feel 🙄 and signs baby not too happy. My partner had to go home until I was called. Luckily we only live 20 mins away. At 11.45pm I was called up to delivery suite so I had to call my partner (just got home into bed 😁😛) and tell him to come back!
I had to have anti biotics In a drip before they could do anything as I have Group B Strep so my partner and I got comfy and put some music on and played with the mood lighting. Well, he did 🙄😂
2am a student midwife broke my waters with help from an experienced midwife. 
It gushed and just didn't stop! Lol..
I was constantly sat in a puddle no matter how many times they changed pads.
My contractions got stronger and a little painful so they they were hoping I wouldn't need a hormone drip. They decided to wait and see for a while. Baby's baseline heartrate had dipped to 110s so at 4am they put in the drip to bring on contractions thick and fast.... And oh my god they did!! 😵
I was ok on gas and air and stayed controlled and focused with each contraction. 
At 6am I wanted something stronger so I had diamorphine..half an hour later.. Oh my god, heaven. Apparently I was telling everyone who came into my room how amazing it is and they should try it 😋😜 my partner said I was off my face... Ha ha.. At
9am diamorphine started to wear off and I was in agony again. They checked me and I was still 3cm!!!! But my body had this overwhelming feeling to push. They kept telling me not to push which seemed so hard. 
I also managed to smack myself in the face with my gas and air and cut my lip open 😳😂 my partner was so worried and tried to clean the blood but my midwife said to him there's going to be more blood than that in a minute! I didn't care I was in too much pain to notice!
9am I asked for an epidural but they said if at 9.30 I was still 3cm then they would.
9.15am I was 9cm dilated!!!! I went from 3 to 9cm.. Midwife couldn't believe it. Baby's heartrate had dipped to the 50's and told me to push as hard and as long as I could. Even without contractions. At 9.24am Danny Jax was born with his cord around his neck twice and so tight. He struggled at first to breathe and after a helping hand he was placed on me. 
I felt immediate love for him.
The most painful and powerful experience of my life but I'd do it all again for him. 
I'd definitely recommend having an epidural though if you have time 😂