I NEED help! Late pregnancy pains

A 💕
I have googled this is every way possible, ive asked other people i know and no one knows what im talking about or whenever i think ive found an answer, something else says its not the right answer. I see my midwife tuesday so will ask her then, but wanted to know if anyone else knows.. I keep getting dull, crampy period pains across my lower belly, they are really uncomfortable and sometimes are stronger than other times. Its bareable, just very uncomfortable, this morning at 3am the pain woke me up and i could not get into a comfy postition to go back asleep and it nearly made me cry. My baby is still moving as normal, my waters havent broken either. I thought these were braxton hicks because i havent had BH before so thought thats what they were, but these pains last between 40mins- an hour, maybe sometimes longer. They are irregular too, been happening maybe 3 times in a day, a few times a week for the last 2 weeks or so. Im sure they are not braxton hicks because my stomach doesnt get any tighter, and they last soo long. Its not my baby's head because she is transverse so she hasnt dropped yet, i just dont know! someone please give some opinions!! 34+1weeks