parents restricting tampons

Do you think a parent has the right to not allow their daughter to use tampons? 
When I was in the 7th grade I wanted to start using tampons, as it seemed so much easier, cleaner, and all my friends used them. But my dad had told me from day one that I was NOT to use them. My parents were divorced and my mom was in support of it so I had to ask my dad face to face and he flipped out on me and told me I wasn't allowed. And he's the type where if he found tampons in my room or in the bathroom or anything, I'd be grounded. Finally at the end of sophomore year my best friend taught me how to use one in the high school bathrooms and it was crazy and I felt so free 😂 and I think my dad accepted that he couldn't control what I use for my period. 
But the question is, do you think parents (or more specifically dad's who do not have periods) should have a say in what girls use during their period? Honestly, I'm open to hear both sides. My personal opinion is that they shouldn't but I would like to hear why they should.