She's Here!!!

Teri • owner... trying to stay sane while doing it all!
12:03pm my baby girl was born 7.5lbs 20 inch 3 days early. I can truly say labor is not the same for everyone. I've been told by doctors contractions last for a 60secs and must be 5 mins apart. I went into labor at 4:30am I thought I had to poop woke up started having horrible cramps that lasted only 10-15 secs 5 Mins apart soon after they were 2 Mins apart I called my doctor the nurse said to take a bath and some tylenol (bullshit) I was in labor so I threw my clothes on and they called back saying to go ahead to er. Got there at 6am I was 6 cm got my epidural soon after,( I felt amazing little to no pain except when contractions came mild pressure). At 10am I was 9cm they gave me a peanut ball and broke my water. By 11am I was ready to push I pushed for an hour which was the absolute worst part up until then I had little pain pushing was exhausting and it still hurt loooots of pressure. I also want to add I was 3cm dilated for almost 2 weeks before labor Saturday I walked a lot in the park and that night I had my fiance give me a foot massage a really good one. I just want to say good luck to all of you get an epidural lol and follow your body it will tell you what to do!