Clingy toddler


So I've heard about toddlers suddenly becoming clingy and whiny but I think my son is taking it to another level. My overly independent little man has recently became extremely clingy, not in the way of not staying with anyone, oh he'd do that just fine, he'd give me hugs and kisses and say "bye mommy!" everyday with a smile on his face but as long as I'm in the house he's glued to my hip. I can't use the bathroom or watch tv without him on my lap. It's so bad that if he's napping and I get off the bed to go to the bathroom he's up within seconds, crying and saying "I want you". It's frustrating because along with being clingy, he's incredibly whiny and cries for every single thing...turn the tv he cries, move a toy he cries, put the blankets on him he cries, I'm running out of ideas of what could possibly cause this drastic change in behavior. I doesn't go to daycare so that's out, as mentioned before, he stays with his grandparents without a tear so the problem is just when I'm around he's like a new baby. He wouldn't entertain his siblings or father anymore, well as long as I'm home. It's strange and though I have 4 kids, this is the first I'm dealing with this.

Anyone experienced or is experiencing this kind of behavior??