Parenting decisions. Should I call CPS?


I'm not a mother yet but I have a question to all who parent children. I know of a couple who sit there children down (like time out) for asking if they can have something to eat. One of the children got in trouble so all the kids couldn't eat because that one child got in trouble. They don't get baths everyday, they maybe get them once every two or three weeks. Their father is always yelling at them for small stuff like, one of them put paper on the floor and he started yelling.

The children are 9 and 5 (twins). They get neglected constantly...

It makes me so mad that I, who have trouble having children see people who treat their children so poorly. Cussing at them, beating on them and not feeding them.

Is this something that is normal in parenting? Do you get to the point where you don't care if you're children are healthy, clean and loved? Should I report them or just mind my own business?

I know those are crazy questions but I really want to know what parents go through or think when it comes to making decisions for their children. I'm really sad right now...I wish I had my own children.