Feeling sad.

My son was admitted to the hospital yesterday. Unexpectedly😢 I went to a quick med because I've been having a terrible cough for a very long time. And yesterday morning I felt really sick. My daughter was coming down with a cold and my son was getting over his cold. So I just said fuck it we will all get seen. So here we are getting examine for a common cold. And my son the least sick at the time. Has a low oxygen level. The doctor gives him a few breathing treatments hoping for better results. And nothing. She then decided to do X-rays of his lungs. So she tells me my boy has pneumonia. What??? Yes my 9 year old has pneumonia and low oxygen. So she called him an ambulance.  So the hospital was saying that the quick med X-ray was a bad quality and they want a better look of their X-ray. So here comes another bucket of water. It's not pneumonia your son has miliary tuberculosis. What the F***. How did he get that and why him? So now I'm left in the limbo waiting for a ton of testing to be done. If it's not the suspected prognosis then why are his X-ray so bad. And what is it? Here I am pregnant and 100 exposed to whatever it is. We are isolated in the hospital and everyone comes in with masks and all. But my husband and my self have been here like normal. What if I do have that what is going to happen with my baby if I can't do the treatment. Worries over worries. Plus my boss is an ass wipe of first class. I messaged him my situation because I wanted to plan for the week. I saw he read the message and he didn't reply at all. Like f u mother flower. And you call yourself a good doctor? You don't give a shit about your most loyal employee or her son. I never call out and I never late. I work very hard and this is how I get rewarded?