I think i had a chemical pregnancy 😒

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http://www.whattoexpect.com/pregnancy/chemical-pregnancy/ my husband and me have been ttc baby #2 for awhile now. I took a pt test towards the end of September and got a faint positive. And then I started spotting and a couple days later my period. I couldn't understand why at the time but after browsing through the what to expect pregnancy book I saw at target earlier today. I saw a topic called faint positives and it basically explained that all faint positives are still positives. So it got me thinking of the faint positive pt I took. Because I assumed it was just a false positive. Because even though I spotted a little, a couple days later my period did show up. So I saw another topic that was basically about faint positive turned out negative. And it just goes into explaining about what a chemical pregnancy is and why it happens. So right now I just feel devastated and want to cry 😭 I'm just a mess right now and don't know how to deal. Sry for the long rant just needed to vent. Plz no rude comments.