is it possible to be pregnant 1 day after conception???

A`ishah • 31 yr old muslimah married and has a beautiful bint(baby girl)she`s my blessing from Allah Ta`ala and also now 11 month old baby boy..alhamdulillah
How fast could you tell you were pregnant...hubs and I "BD" yesterday and I'm currently up with nausea..the last time I felt like this I was pregnant with my daughter who will be 3 months in a couple of days Gods will...I seen on google that some ppl experience symptoms within a few hours after conception...varily everyone's different..TTM ladies?????also I suffer from PCOS so it's very hard to tell when I ovulate...the app will say one thing and my body will do something totally different...also AF just left a few days ago but that don't mean anything with my daughter I had sex 2 days b4 AF came and in October I missed my period and I found out the beginning of nov I was pregnant...every pregnancy is different...if I'm just so happen to be Alhamdulillah(all praise is due to God) cause what's for me won't miss me...ill just wait to see if AF comes visit me this month..also I've been back to taking my metformin 1000 mg that the endocrinologist put me on last it's no telling my ovulating periods