hi guys,
I'm abit confused with all of this, I had a miscarriage in March 2016, I'd been using the ovia app to track my fertility and everything but was getting nowhere, but then I've used glow for one month doing everything and last week on my ovia app I was due my period but didn't get it but I was getting back pain, frequently going toilet countless times a day, sore breast so I done a test and it was negative, my period on glow is due next week but I didn't know if it was just me being silly thinking it could actually be what I've always wanted atm I'm debating whether to get another test or not.. 
atm I've got a head cold, slight cramps in my lower abdomen, frequently going toilet, slight back ache, sore breast and this morning I have been vomitting because I've got this horrible weird taste in my mouth:( 
I'm 20 years old and just so confused what would you guys do?:( 
Any help would be appreciated thank you xx