Period Cramps, and Lower Belly Ache 37 wk today

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Last night at around 10ish I started getting period like cramps (which I've had for a few weeks now) and this achiness in my lower belly/upper groin area. It went on for a lil while but I couldn't really "time" them due to it just being too dull to make out the beginning and ending.

They tapered off a lil but I felt it every time I got up to pee. It was like a feeling like I really needed to poop but after once, nothing came out.

I woke up now to see hubs off to work, and they're starting up again. But they do slightly feel stronger. My lower belly almost feels sore like after you do sit ups and feel it in your belly the next day. But its only down low. Like belly button and down.

I almost feel like I should be seeing blood when I go to the restroom because it feels immensely like my period pains if not slightly worse. I must have not felt it in my sleep but I definitely slept fretfully. I do have a slight bit of gas but nothing enough to make my stomach ache. I'm so confused am I having contractions ?

I'm ftm 37 weeks today

Someone please help me figure this out I'm nervous that labor is starting.

( Voluntary Induction in Week 39)