intimate story for the first time part 2

Be sure to read intimate story and the intimate story for the first time part one. 
I kiss u back to the top and I ask u how u feel and u laugh say really good. U then pull me on top of u and we sit up and u kiss my lips and neck and u slowly undo my bra and lay me down again and this time u kiss my breast and run ur hands over them feel me quiver under u from each touch that sends waves of pleasure threw me that I moan and groan. I become wetter with each thing u do to me. U then run ur hands down my legs and back up but u rub ur hand there for a minute making me moan more and become wetter. U undo ur pants and leave ur boxers on. U start to kiss above my shorts and undo them and slide them off to my underwear and kiss above and run ur fingers over them and feel how wet I am. I then push u on ur back and I kiss u and kiss down to ur boxers and I slowly pull them off and then I probably would like to maybe lick ur hard cock from bottom to the top lightly and down to the bottom and to stick it inside my wet warm mouth and slowly pull it in....then out and then out. And take my tongue and lick the top in a circle and then take it out and blow over it and run my hands up over it and down and up over all the way up ur chest and then kiss and blow on ur hard cock to ur balls ever so gently and then lick up it and in and and out little faster then before. Then just to hold it in and use my tongue and make circles around it. Then to pull it out and blow on it then to put it back in and faster in out in out in out and u get so aroused I stop and play some more with ur balls with my hands running up ur body and down. Blowing over ur hard cock and teasingly lick it quickly. Then slowly put it in out in out in out. So much pleasure from one person to another person. U can't take anymore and grab my arm and squeeze it lay me on my back and kiss me....  part 3 coming soon