Wanting baby number 4

Tiffany • Im 26 husband and I are trying for baby #4. Any advice or suggestions would be apppreciated. Thanks in advance.
My husband and I are wanting another child together. We have been TTC for about two years now. I was two days Late on Aunt Flo and he thought I was pg. Well she came the next day and his mood has been sour since. After asking him why he says its because he wants another child with me so bad. Now I feel like crap because I can't fulfill the one big thing he asks of me. Why is it so hard? I've been to the doctor and nothing is wrong. Whatbam in doing wrong? I want a baby so bad also its unreal. Just one more child is all I ask or and keep asking for. Please pray for our family that we become pg soon. I know all of us on here have our own problems and concerns and most of us want another baby. Any positive advice and opinions are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. I am praying for those who want a baby also.