So im leaving my boyfriend a good bye letter


So I've decided to write my bf even though we live together but can't have a decent face to face conversation..... We've been together almost 2 years and this has got to end he hasn't worked the whole time its like he just sitting around being a big head dirty ass leach....he's a mechanic he get a little money on the side but he drinks it up he's a alcoholic. He's violent seem to have all the symptoms of ADHD he's really starting to make me hate him and I'm guessing its because now all of a sudden he's been starting to say he hate me..... He has a very jealous aura about himself I just moved in a bigger place and he's been so damn jealous..... Things are so bad that I can't even be, "today i" by the time I get to "I" he'll breathe heavy like he don't wanna hear it so I sit around and say little dumb things just to see if he do his heavy breathing thing and he do all the time..... He sits around like he fantasizing about another woman all the time. He's even said he hate me in front of ppl.....

So in the letter I told him he gotta go because I don't like how he's been treating me I'm not even enjoying sex with him anymore because I guess he's walking around with a STD so I gotta take antibiotics every time we have sex and he say he don't take pills.....I can't be 100% sure he's burning because it could be from certain foods I eat that cause my abdominal pain.....the new area I moved in has too many street walkers he probably be sleeping with prostitutes.....I be tryna tell him getting head is worst than anal sex because a mouf has more bacteria than a asshole.....he'd never care..... But any who I told him don't be surprise that I get him escorted out my place by the police & get a no contact order of protection because he already got me locked up and they told me they'll reinstate the case when he's the violent one.....I got him locked up for hitting me they let him go, he didn't even go to court when I was in jail they were like it must was a tic for tac..... But yeah I'm really getting tired of this guy he think I should appreciate him being with me, sleeping with me EVERY night but no because he has my apartment and all day on his hands while I'm at work I don't even trust him no more and I wouldn't be surprised if he has already gave some desperate b****** my address becoz my neighbors over me be saying Lil crazy slick shit talking bout they hate me I'm like wow I've moved in a place with thin walls this is too embarrassing he (my bf) be in here cursing me out calling me bit**** loud as ever drunk and now my neighbors are on my a**......I told him if he be gone when I get off work I will not be mad he can even take some of the food. I'm going to leave the letter where he can see it and I guarantee he throw it away without reading it....😩