Any suggestions

Since I have become pregnant I can't take my husband body odour even my own body odour makes me sick sometimes. We own couple of Indian restaurants and a fish and chips restaurant. He works between one or two most nights,he does have a shower most nights but when he comes home too late he doesn't. Like last night he came home at 1.30am it was a busy night and I do understand but I can't take the smell of food and body odour anymore. I was thinking of sleeping in the spare room but I know he will sleep there instead and I don't want to hurt his feelings. Since I became pregnant he does so much around the house he helps me much as he can he has even arranged for a cleaner to come once a week to clean the house. Recently he bought flat pair of louboutin me because I can't wear the heeled ones anyway. For our daughters birthday he bought her a diamond pair of stud completely surprised me they are gorgeous. He is a wonderful husband and daddy anyone can ask for but I just can't vomit some nights until early hours of the morning. Any suggestions would be nice and please no nasty Comments.