Rant ... bf

Hey ladies ,

I had my LO a month ago

My boyfriend has been haunting me to have sex and it's really annoying I suffer from painful sex and I could never really have it so I understand where he is coming from with being frustrated. Well this morning he's like can we fool around and I said yes so we did stuff and it hurt a little. But it accidently slipped in and it hurt bad. So later on in the night my bf goes im horny go down on me

I go babe u cummed earlier ... so he walked out the bathroom. Now we're laying in bed and he goes how long do u think we will have to wait cause I think it's beyond 6 weeks I go idk well see he goes do u think you'll be healed. U than I go idk well see when I go to dr he goes if u gotta wait than I know ur lieing and just don't wanna have sex and if its 6 months idk what's wrong with u I go some people it takes longer he goes yes ur just making up a excuse to not have it now I go I am not than he promised me a break tonight being he's slept every night since Thursday after I told him to pretty deal with it until I go to the Dr in 2 wks and he turned around and went to sleep and guess who's up with the baby rn ME!! Also when he promised me the break he gave me.one this morning so I can sleep.. well he took the baby and I can hear him ( baby ) screaming so I go downstairs and he's in his swing my bfs on the compt I was fuming it's like u giving me a break is actually talking to the baby , playing with him z holding him etc not just taking him from me and putting him in a swing