Paleo Diet - please read

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Ladies, I have read A LOT of posts today about wanting a healthier lifestyle or diet and I wanted to share my partner's story.
My partner's name is Rogerio and he is 6"5 and used to weigh 275. I cooked for him almost every day and made sure to include a vegatable, a meat, and usually a salad with a bread side. His friend introduced him to paleo, something I was VERY against when it was first described to me. I LOVE fatty foods, cream, butter, milk, bread, I love it all! Well, that is not paleo. 
 I finally switched over to cooking fully paleo for him and I will admit, in the beginning, it was hard, very hard. You cook with coconut oil instead of olive oil or land 'o lakes butter (it's hard when you're southern!). And everything needs to be fresh and unprocessed. No (or very few) frozen foods. Veggies are ok. Nothing processed in general, everything needs (or is supposed) to be all natural and grass fed) No bread (gluten free is ok), cheese has to be all natural, milk has to be all natural. It can get expensive to have the "luxuries!" 
But, in the end, my partner lost 35 lbs in 2 months. And we both feel much healthier. No afternoon slump, I poop like a champ, and, I'm not even kidding, my hair looks 10x healthier. 
 So, my challenge to all of you ladies looking to loose weight: do some research on the diet and try it for two months! There is nothing extra to buy and it is perfectly healthy to feed you family. Please make an informed decision before considering changing over, but at least give it a try. I swear by it and my partner has visible proof it works!
Please feel free to shoot me a reply if you have any questions, I'm more than happy to share.