can some one please explain what's going on with me?!?!,

So last Tuesday my period was 9 days late. I tested and it came out Positive. A few hours after I tested I started to spot and have back pain. I immediately went into the ER and they said my hcg levels were low and on the ultra sound they really couldn't find anything, other than my uterus being tilted. They referred me to a obgyn. I made an appointment and they said my blood levels were rising and they wanted to do more blood work to confirm. So I had blood work done a total of 4 times. And they are still rising but my pergestone levels are low so they prescribed me some medications for it. I have been bleeding but not enough to fill a pad or a tampon. Today the bleeding has stopped and I'm just spotting on and off with some slight abdominal and back pain. I tested today and it came back positive. I'm very fatigued and my beast are sore. I am trying to hold on to faith but I don't want to get my hopes up. I pray and cry every night bc I want this and everytime I get pregnant I end up miscarrying. I want this more then anything.