Anyone else hate waiting?

So I didn't have any symptoms but my breasts were hurting so much for 2 weeks and I have been SUPER emotional. I had 1 pregnancy test in my bathroom, so I thought, why not? Peed and it came out positive within 1 minute. Went to the store a couple hours later, got 2 digital ones, peed and within a minute it said "pregnant ". Apparently it was 2 days before my expected period, which was supposed to be on the 2nd. My birthday was yesterday and I went in at 6am to get a quantitative blood test. They said it shouldn't take more than 24hrs. So it was going to be a belated bday present to myself! Well, I've called them 4 times today, and they still don't have the results. The lady on the phone seemed perturbed that the result hasn't shown up yet. Should I be worried?