First period since I miscarried

Hey guys. So on July 14, 2016, I lost my baby. I was 14.5 weeks and I went to the doctor for a check up and my baby had no heartbeat. I didn't do anything wrong, my doctor assured me, but it was/is still so hard to deal with. 
After I had the emergency surgery, I bled for 9 weeks and still had the pregnancy hormone that whole 9 weeks. 
Recently, I went to the doctor and found out that my pregnancy test is finally negative and that I'm suppose to start cycling again. I started my period last Wednesday and it still isn't over yet. 
Before the baby, my periods were 4-5 days and they put me in terrible pain cause I have severe endometriosis but this one is almost unbearable sometimes. It hurts to even walk and being a waitress, I have to walk. 
Is it normal for your first period after losing a baby to be this terrible?