Hurricane Matthew

Anyone from FL, GA, SC, NC? First I just want to say be safe to ya'll further south (I'm in NC) . Now I just wanna take a minute to rant about this hurricane forecast... How is this hurricane gonna come up the coast & then just turn around before it hits NC like haha sike!? I didn't know Hurricanes were freakin dupe masters? I'm a little confused at that forecast... For the storm to be 4+ days away from NC & VA coast & theyre already telling us oh no, this hurricane's got some basketball skills and he's gonna do a hip hop and loopty loop and then bee bop back into the ocean when this hurricane is on a direct path towards us right now?! At 4+ days away, I don't think they should be telling us we don't need to worry & that our chances of getting hit are slim when their forecasting abilities at 4+ days out are literally ZERO. Also a bit confused at the fact that hurricane Mathew is forecasted to hit FL as a cat 4 storm but the forecast I just watched was only calling for 70 mph winds? Since when does a cat 4 hurricane only produce 70mph winds? These damn meteorologists always trying to hype things up & lying & giving shit forecasts. Haha rant over. Anyone wanna help keep each other updated? Again, be safe out there!!! 👀
Also prayers for Haiti, Cuba & the Bahamas! ❤️🙏🏻