opinions? please?

I had this 4 days ago and  idk what is this, I thought my period was coming but I have yet to see any blood. I have irregular periods so I go months with out one. And I am positive this isn't my period because I yet to have started. As the days went by I have become wetter than usual, I woke up with needle like pains in my right side and in the middle of my uterus it (it was sharp and hurt) this was yesterday now I have metallic/ sour taste in my mouth that has yet to go away 😩 I have been feeling a little tired than I usually feel. And my fiancé told me he had a dream about an "egg" attaching itself to the uterus the day after I took this pic.  I want to be pregnant so bad that I refuse to test because I hate seeing BFNs....  any advice?!?