how do I get over this fear? dog lovers welcome please!

Please don't judge but I'm afraid of dogs. I will pet them sometimes or just stay clear of them other times. Here's my prob. My mom decided to get a german Shepard lab mix puppy a few weeks before my baby was due. My baby is now almost 4 months and when I go my moms I can't relax with her. I'm literally lifting her in the air away from the puppy the entire time. Tonight she went for her foot to nibble or lick I don't know but my daughters foot went in her mouth and it freaked me out. My mom refuses to put the dog in the kitchen while I'm there and wants to dog to smell my daughter and I'm soo worried the dog will just bite her . Or even if he doesn't mean to hurt my daughter. I mean this is still a puppy. How do I get over this fear?