Best friend stole baby name

So my best friend posted on FB that her and her SO picked a boy baby name. I texted her and nagged and nagged, even pulled the BFF card and finally she told me. And it's a cute name!! Then I asked what are the girl name options, and I said a few and she says it's Aubrey.. I got so mad, I told her that if my SO and I ever have a girl that's the name were choosing and she completely is denying I ever told her.. like am I being selfish because I'm not pregnant yet (we were but had a Blighted ovum, a D&C and now trying again) or is she because I told her this a long time ago and she's saying that if it's a girl that's what her name is... like it's so frustrating she stole the name we were going to use.. My SO said even if they do name her Aubrey we are still going to name our Aubree (spelt differently) I don't want my kid having the same name as my best friends kid.. what do I do?? I just really hope she's having a boy and not a girl.. 😭😭😭😠😠

Update: And to be clear this is her second child, and she wants a boy, she doesn't want a girl.

Update #2: Ok so she found out the sex of the baby and is devastated!!! We are the only people (My SO and I) who know besides them(we found out tonight)!! She did not fish her wish of a boy, and is having a girl!! Im so excited for her and predicted this when she told me she was pregnant, but I feel soooo bad!! She broke down and literally cried in my arms while I told her it's going to be ok and that when the baby arrives she will be happy!! But also I found out even more exciting futuristic news!