Husband blurted out our news when angry

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Been living with my grandpa who's 95 for the last 4 months since we moved back from Hawaii when the loss of our first pregnancy happened. 
My grandpa and husband.. Well my grandpa and everyone bicker, but those two go at it. 
He pissed my husband off by being completely disrespectful and I mean crude!! To my husband and myself. Such as saying my husband is a piece of shit human because he's not working ( he's in construction which is season and my brother is aswell and is laid off constantly too and that's ok to him)
He tries to keep tabs on him; alarm system says back door as an announcement whenever he goes out back to run errands or take trash out and he always says he should of shot him because he's an intruder!!??
My grandpa is freaking nuts now in his old age rude as hell and just plain awful. 
Well when my husband was telling him off one night because he was so pissed at how he was treating me, he spilled the beans. Said he was not going to allow someone who's never been family to me before treat me and my family like such shit especially when there's no need to cause unnecessary stress to me while pregnant. - he didn't even think abt it, it just came out I'm sure because he was so upset. 
I told my husband dec 9th, and was going to wait until Christmas and do something really cute for announcement on Christmas morning. 
I'm devastated because granted my family is nuts and selfish and I'm sure I wouldnt get the reaction I want, it's still not ok to take that from me by spilling the beans. 
I'm stewing abt it everysince lastnight when it happened. Not only that but my grandpa told my mother and that's supposed to be the most special person a woman gets to announce too...
It was tough because in Hawaii with the first pregnancy we weren't around any family or friends when we were pregnant so we announced over FaceTime and it was really hard to not be here. 
Am I being irrational, and moody? I know I tremendously appreciate my husband defending his and my family to my family but at the same time... He said it's my Familes fault for being stupid enough to push him to ruining the surprise. 
My mom hasn't said ne thing to me but I'm sure she's blabbed to my sibs already so there goes my big announcement idea on Christmas morning,... ??