When the Lord finally answers your prayers!!

So LO (6 weeks) hasn't been sleeping very well. This happened out of nowhere (like everything else they go through lol) but he has been sleeping good, day and night. He would would fall asleep while nursing, but at 4ish weeks, he just stopped!! Now being a FTM, I freaked out. I never had to put him to sleep, so I had no idea how. He didn't seem tired when he pulled off. He's cooing, smiling, just as content and happy. I didn't think he would go to sleep. So I just rocked him and to my surprise and happiness, he fell asleep. This worked for a few days (maybe 3 or 4) until it didn't. I freaked out again -- is he getting enough to eat?? Maybe he's still hungry, put him back on the boob. Nope, not hungry, but now full blown crying. Really letting it go. So I look on Google and see the suggestion for swaddling. swaddle him, falls straight to sleep. Again this worked for a few days until it didn't. I tried everyyyything, this kid would not sleep. He's been up till 12, 3, 7 in the morning these past few days. Now he's fast asleep. I put him to bed at 10 tonight, 10!! I celebrated this small victory (by sleeping) because who knows how it is going to be tomorrow.. praying that this lasts... But this is so long and pointless. Sorry to waste anyone's time but I just felt like sharing.