I don't get it..

So I've been with my man about 8 months, at first we were screwing like bunnies lol.. But lately it's been once a week if not less than that, at times I literally can't even remember the last time I got some action, and when we do it doesn't last more than 5 mins. If the opportunity comes my way I always take it, but alot of times feel like I'm jus teasing myself because I know how it's going to go.. He gets his nut off and then out like a light, while I'm stuck unsatisfied and unsure why this is happening to me. Im an Aries, sex is  very important in my mental and emotional health. I get very cranky and even depressed when deprived. I'm the type of person that fuck for breakfast lunch and dinner. I love it! But why isn't he craving it like I am? I don't even know how he survives going days on end, adding up to weeks without sex. Is it me? Is he getting bored? Is it because he's not attracted to me anymore? Please help me out ladies, anything! answers, tips, experiences !!! Thank you:)