disappointment - 38 week breech

I'm so disappointed I'm not going to get the natural unmedicated birth I've been working towards. My baby is still breech and my wonderful midwives don't think he's going to turn at this point based on his size and position. He's straight up and down with this head at my breastbone and both feet way down in my pelvis. I know I'll still have a healthy pregnancy and they assure me we'll do a vbac for the next one but I'm still disappointed and I feel like I'm mourning this loss. Maybe if I hadn't done so much research on the pros of natural and the cons of sections I'd be more ok with this but I've read so much on it I just feel terrible about the whole thing. I'm usually such a positive person and now I'm just being negative and anxious and I need to just get on board with what is going to happen.