TTC #3


HI I'm 25 I have two kids , me and my boyfriend is working on a 3rd child ... Was on birth control for 2 years (depo) I got off in April 2016 its been 6mths and I'm hoping I can get pregnant now. I have my period back !!!! jus started back aug 2016 it's been so so.... Cramping and all.. Been taking a lot of testes as well but all comes out negative.. I've seen a lot of ppl up here saying they took tests also negative but when they went to the doc they was pregnant.. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE FOR DEPO TO GET OUT YOUR SYSTEM?? I BEEN EATING ALOT LATELY ALSO, EXCESS GAS TOO. I WANNA HAVE ANOTHER BABY SO BAD. PLEASE GIVE ME FEED BACK!!! THANKS