What is your best sex story/stories?

Lol so I really just want to see what everyone says. Let's start with mine....
1. The time we did it on my bathroom counter. It was amazing.
2. When we went on vacation to Florida in the summer of 2015. His parents have a time share at this resort and it had 2 bedrooms me and him had our own room and we had sex 3 times in one night twice in the bed and once in the floor it was pretty great
3. The time that we did it on my birthday at his grandpas farm in the back of his truck while the sun was going down.
If I'm being honest every time I've had sex with him it's been amazing but it's not because of how good it was it's because I'm with a person who I love more then anything else in the world and because I know he loves me just as much. He is my best friend and I wouldn't want to spend the rest of my life with anyone else other then him that's what makes the sex great but not only that it's what makes our relationship great.