7W5D and SO relieved!!!

Taylor • Married. Brooks born 8/2015. Baby Eleanora Quinn due May 2018. 💞
My husband and I were in the ER 13 days ago for some cramping and they did an ultrasound. The complete jerk of an MD in the emergency room said my gestational sac was measuring 4w3d when I should've been close to 6 weeks, and that I was probably 50/50 in terms of a potential miscarriage. He scared the crap out of us. My hCG was rising and doubling so that was reassuring and an ob I spoke to there, said I shouldn't worry. 
I finally had my repeat ultrasound for viability this morning, and we're so amazed and thankful to see a healthy little bean in there, measuring at a whopping 7w5d (right in line with my lmp even though I ovulated a little late) and everything looked amazing. We even got to hear the heartbeat, which was thumping away at 142bpm! So thrilled, so grateful and relieved. 
Now, just curious based on location, do those of you that know ramzi theory have any thoughts? I had it done vaginally, so baby is on the correct side. The yolk sac is to the right of the embryo, it may be hard to see in the picture! Thanks ladies and Merry Christmas ???❤️