Seriously.... WTF

Ok... So I have no idea what is going on with my body lately.... So my last actual, real period was Oct 21.... Didn't have anything but a few days of spotting on November 22nd to the 24th. Now, I started spotting this past Saturday, Sunday I thought I got my period. So I put a tampon in, and when I went to change it, there wasn't a lot on it... So I used a pad and on Monday woke up to again, what I thought was my period... Stayed consistent until Monday night, then turned right back into spotting. Spotted until Tuesday afternoon around 2. From 2 on Tuesday, til just now (11:40 am on Wednesday), I had nothing... Now I'm spotting again. Wtf.... My body needs to figure out what the hell it's doing, because it's driving me absolutely insane. When I had the spotting in November, I started taking tests, all negative. Went for blood work 2 weeks ago, results came back inconclusive. I have an appt on the 30th to see my ob. Hopefully he can give me some insight as to what's going on.