Rant (feel free to rant too/add comments)

So i don't know if anyone else feels this way but I'm growing very tired of all the "race controversy". All the "black power, black lives matter, headlines saying 'black man killed for no reason', etc."

First of all, i believe that ALL lives matter. Second of all, all races have gone through hard times and all races are STILL having crimes committed against them by other races (and it's usually not because of race at all, simply just a criminal and a victim).

This just hits home for me because i'm Asian. I'm a "minority". But i'm also half white. But just because I'm considered a "minority" doesn't mean i use it as an excuse to riot, or get away with crimes, or cause a scene. And in case you didn't know, Asians (specifically Filipinos - because i'm filipino) have gone through slavery and crimes brought on because of our ethnicity in our history. The spanish invaded the Philippines and made the Filipinos slaves for years which is why until this day, half of our culture is how it is.

But not to single out other cultures, the Irish have experienced such turmoil as well, also native americans, the Jewish, the Germans, every culture at one point has experienced dark times.

My point is, all lives matter. No one should receive, or EXPECT to receive, different treatment, exemptions from the law, more/less opportunities, or assume that their life matters any more than the person down the street.

Feel free to comment/rant. And if you read all of that, i would like to sincerely thank you, i know it was long.