What am I doing wrong?

Ok so me and my bf moved in together about 2 months ago, I was really looking forward to Christmas cause I thought it would be special as it's our first flat together (we've been together 2 years so it's not our first Christmas together)  but earlier today he started packin a bag to go to his friends house for the night? I ended up in tears and just walked away into the bedroom cause I couldn't handle seeing him leave on me for his mates on Christmas Eve. He walked in and saw then acted like I was getting in the way of his plans and said "jeez why u crying now?" So I explained it as nice as I could by telling him about how I just wanted it to be special this year as last year was ruined by a few drunk people in the family going over the top. Then he said "fine. I'll stay." Like I was the one in the wrong.. I don't understand it. Now because he's stayed he's gone to bed and told me not to wake him up until tomorrow :/ I don't see what I've done? I didn't force him to stay. He could have still left, I don't know what I've done that's so wrong he doesn't want to be around me. Christmas is hard enough for me already but this isn't helpin at all. I don't know what to do. Help?