Xmas gifts

Anyone else give way more than their parents? In the last several years I've always given at least $100 worth more of stuff than they give to me. I just really get into christmas and will spend tons of money on family. But my parents always give the bare minimum like one thing and the cheapest thing on the "list". Whilst I'm going broke trying to get at least two things they wanted that are usually no where near cheap! They'll say oh don't get me anything but I've been wanting blah blah blah.. Of course I'm not going to give them nothing..I'm greatful of course for everything they've done for me but sometimes I feel a little hurt that they don't try hard with the gifts. It's not all about the things we give each other it's more than that but I think gifts are a way to show appreciation. That's why I go all out. No my parents aren't rich but middle class and do very well for themselves. Im 22 and expect to still get one thing I want for Xmas from my parents but maybe I need to grow up. Anyone else feel this way or am I being too materialistic?
Anyway Merry Christmas everyone!! I'm sure I won't care about silly gifts after tomorrow (: ???⛄️