Christmas Miracle?!

Lindsay • Married 8-9-14 Baby #1 Born 1-26-16
I think I may of got a miracle Christmas present. The last couple of weeks I have been checking symptoms and probably way over analyzing. Nevertheless, I've been SUPER moody, have had mild cramps, a couple cravings, fatigue, and some mild/moderate breast tenderness. 
In the middle of Christmas <a href="">Eve</a> dinner I starting getting a terrible migraine. Hour or two later- stomach ache and nauseousness hit. I know some women do not experience nausea this early, but I've been vomiting all morning and not running a temperature. I've never been so happy to feel this terrible. I'm going to wait until I missed AF to test. But if I do get a visit from AF, I'm not gonna be a happy woman being "just sick" on Christmas. (If we did conceive, it was on Dec 11. So I'd be about 3 weeks) 
Am I crazy or do these symptoms seem promising?