OMG you guys!

So my husband & I decided I'd test today... I woke up at 6am, did 2 cheapies, didn't see a line, so I went back to bed. I left the cheapies on the counter & went I got up at 7, I noticed an obvious (but very light) line on one test, and a suuuuper faint line on the other test! I walked out with the tests & pointed. My husband said, "yeah... I noticed that when I got up (he was up shortly after 6), but I didn't want to wake you up. Since you said it was negative, I assumed those were the control lines." Omg! I'm still nervous that AF will show (due Sunday)... But if nothing else, I am soooo excited to know we *can* get pregnant! Really hoping this little bean is sticky!!! My husband (somewhat joking, somewhat serious) said, "it's a Christmas miracle!" ? 
I'm in total disbelief. The photo doesn't show that well... They are more clear on person.