You hurt me!!!

I gave u everything I could...I loved you with every thing I had...I did things for you that gave me shame...and u took advantage of me in so many different ways and hurt me so bad that now that i have had enough of ur bs and the time i dont want you that is when u want to change for me....i waited for you to change for 3 years...and u kept taking from me and now that i have nothing to give you want me can u tear my heart up and remove all my feelings and still expect me to love you and want to be with you.....I don't hate you but I don't want to be with you....I dont want you because I can't forgive you for the way u treated me....u took so much from me and to honest I can't get it back.....all I want to do is to get on with my life and you do the same...I am glad u changed but to honest it is to late!!